Q: Can I shine the piece up?

A: To restore the luster, rub gently with a jewelry cloth. Take care not use anything abrasive or rub too hard as the finish can be removed. 

Q: Can I get the jewelry wet?

A: Yes. Everyday wear, natural oils of your body, water and lotions will all alter the patina of the pieces which only makes the piece more beautiful and more unique. Bronze naturally changes depending on each individual’s PH balance. Silver will get more oxidation making the grooves darker. With time, your pieces will organically become more aged looking.

Q: I lost an earring, can I get a replacement ?

A: Yes. We offer mate replacements for earrings at 50% the cost of the pair. Shipping rates still apply.

Q: I wish to buy in bulk, how do I do that?

A: For wholesale inquiries please go into the "contact" menu,  email inquiries@seatelier.com and tick the "wholesale" box for subject line. 

Q: How do you measure the pieces?

A: We use A.D Leveridge Gauge

Q: how do I use the clasp?

A: First, hold T-clasp sideways. Then, thread T through loop and pull through. For a visual tutorial, please see our CLASP TUTORIAL

Q: I can't decide which chain length I should get, how different looking is 18" and 24" ?

A: It depends on if you like your pieces near your clavicle or lower on your breast bone. It depends on your size and length. For men, a longer chain is usually preferred, but doesn't have to be...also it depends on if you like the piece to "peek out" or always be on display. Here is a photo of the difference in chain length (model is 5'7").

Q. What is your return and repair policy? 

A. For our return and repair policy, click here